Give to Message With Grace

Over the last two years my son, Kieran, and I have developed a website called that analyzes your text messages.

Using a unique approach based on the structure and intent of language, the website identifies the top six emotions in your message and measures how much you are allowing God to ease your fears, how much you seem to be willing to engage, how grateful you appear to be, and how much you seem to be holding God in your heart.

With each result, identifies a relevant Biblical verse, an explanation of its context, and a brief insight into your current stance, and how to improve it.

With this understanding, you will be able to follow the guiding wisdom of the Bible with each of your messages, whether they be directed at friends, family, work colleagues, customers, or fellow congregants.

Message With Grace is free and does not use A.I. Our website will help you to bring the spirit of the Gospels into living form with every message you send and offers the possibility that you will, in turn, become a better believer every time you use it.




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