You are about to send a message by email, chatline, or by texting. Before you send it, make a copy of your message and paste it into the box on the Message With Grace homepage, then press Submit.

The following insights about your message will then appear.

Message With Grace focuses first on the top six emotions it detects in your message in descending order. Remember, our program analyzes how you are projecting your feelings, not how you imagine you appear to others.

Next, Message With Grace gives you four insights into:

  • how much you appear to be trusting God to allay your fears,
  • how much energy you are directing towards your engagement with others,
  • how grateful you appear to be, and
  • how strongly you appear to be holding God in your heart.


Each result provides a relevant Biblical verse, a brief explanation, and some insights you may choose to consider before you send your message.

Knowledge is Power. So, Use It.

Use that knowledge to ensure your communication is best aligned with the profound knowledge and wisdom of the Bible.

Maybe you could focus on one aspect of your results and improve it. Maybe you could reconsider your message altogether so all of your results rise to a higher level and become infused with a spirit of certainty, hope, faith, and joy.

Our aim is to help your message carry within it the eternal, boundless grace that emanates from the gospels.