Welcome to Message With Grace

Our breakthrough support program helps Christians lift their text conversations with guidance from the Bible.

We guess you have already experienced the powerful insights that Message With Grace offers you and, hopefully, you have used them to communicate with more confidence and … grace.

Did you notice our logo? The dove is on fire.

It’s the image of personal growth and spiritual renewal. It is about devoting yourself more fully to the will of God.

Message With Grace offers you wisdom and clarity at the very moment you need it most. It works to banish confusion. It allows true, faithful purpose to lead the way.

Many of our relationships, personal and professional, hang by a thread. A misinterpretation or misunderstanding can hurt someone just when they need companionship and support.

When we rely on text, many of the signals we would normally send in face-to-face communication are invisible. The other person can’t see our eye movements or facial expressions. Nor, can they hear the tone of our voice, or notice our gestures and body postures. 

That’s why Message With Grace is so important. It dives deep into the message you are about to send and gives you extraordinary information about how you are presenting yourself: how you feel and how you will be perceived. Each of the top six emotions you are expressing is identified and accompanied by a relevant Biblical verse and insight. It is designed to allow you to understand, consider, and review what your message truly means. You may focus on one or all six insights.

More than that, the four responses at the bottom of the homepage provide astonishing insights into some of the main injunctions found in the Bible. By deeply examining the structure and character of your message, our program provides answers to the following questions: 

Does your message show you are likely to be…

  • open to allowing God to calm your fears?
  • engaging energetically with others?
  • grateful for your blessings?
  • keeping God in your heart?

Message With Grace gives you a vital insight in judging your messages correctly and ensuring that you respond in the best way possible. More than that, the relevant Biblical verses sometimes offer encouragement and sometimes admonishment. Message With Grace helps you to become a better Christian, message by message.

Even better, Message With Grace does not use A.I. to analyze your words.

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Francis Walsh  &  Kieran Walsh